Life Center English Outreach Camps

By Ulli Lillard

After all these years of preparing the Life Center English camps for kids and teens, I am still so amazed at how God is using our fun, energetic English camps to touch young lives. 

I can tell you just one example from our camp last summer. One boy from our new neighborhood came to our camp for the first time. He was so interested in everything we said and did. As the week progressed, we started sharing more about God’s love for us and also gave an opportunity to pray if they wanted. This boy shared later with his group leader that this was the first time in his life he had ever prayed and talked to God. 

He has been coming to church with his mom and smaller sister since then. He loves to worship and he loves to learn about Jesus in children’s church. 

Some kids that have come to the English camps every year are now teenagers and come to our weekly youth group. Some are continuing with English lessons every week at our Life Center. Even some of their parents are studying English with us or are coming to other activities and special church services. The camps really have been a bridge to reach families and to change a generation, introducing them to Jesus. 

Thank you so much for your interest to help sponsor kids to be able to attend these camps.

Guatemala Orphage Casa Shalom Raises Money for TLLOM

By Jessica Hanson

At Casa Shalom, we are intentional about teaching our children that they have an important role to play in sharing the gospel and participating in the Kingdom of God. To encourage them to be missional, each year during the children’s year-end break from school, they raise funds for a specific project. In the past, they’ve raised funds for the People for Care and Learning’s Build a City Project, for church planting through Church of God USA Missions, and more! At the end of 2018, our children raised funds for Church of God’s World Missions’ This Little Light of Mine project. 

For three months, the children worked hard performing extra chores at the orphanage, selling homemade snacks like tacos in the nearby village, and holding yard sales with their own toys and belongings. They raised a total of $1,000 which will all go toward helping kids in countries like Ecuador, Thailand, and Kenya. The children of Casa Shalom are so pleased to have been able to participate in this amazing COGWM project and helping children just like them around the globe!